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Name: Angie Vanessa Bonilla

Line Initial: “S”

Pledged In: Spring 2008

Birthday: July 31st

Birth Place: Miami Beach, FL

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL and Falls Church, VA

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Peruvian

Concentration: B.A. in Business Management and Accounting and a Minor in Spanish

Graduation Date: May 2011

Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason... so keep your head up high and keep smiling."

Other Involvements: Mariposas Mentoring Program (MMP).

Reason for Pledging: I joined LTA because I wanted that sisterhood. I wanted to be able to have someone there through the good times and the bad. If I was smiling I wanted that to be shared, if I was crying I wanted to be able to cry on their shoulder. I also love the fact that LTA helps out the community. It is a responsibility to help out the community and make the place you live in better. Also I love the idea of empowering women, which is what LTA is all about. LTA is made up of strong women who are rising and I'm glad to be a part of it :) I love LTA with all my heart and I always will!!!

Award: MDA1 Undergraduate Sister of the Year (Fall 2008 - Spring 2009).