History of Delta Epsilon Chapter

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. - George Mason University In 2003, a group of women came together in search of an organization. These women began to research in hopes of finding an organization that would cater toward the needs of women on campus. They felt that the sororities offered at George Mason University did not have the qualities that they were searching for. After going through what seemed to be a never-ending search for an organization, they came across the history of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated.

These women began to do more research on Lambda Theta Alpha, and began contacting local sisters in the area. After meeting one of the Maryland Area One sisters, Daniela de la Piedra, the group of women realized that Lambda Theta Alpha was the organization that they had long searched for. They began to work on establishing an official interest group and began recruiting members. In March 2004, the National Board of Lambda Theta Alpha recognized the group of women as an official interest group.

As an interest group, the ladies worked with the community both on and off campus. These women participated in various community services, and exceeded the interest group requirements. During the Hispanic Heritage Month in 2004 and 2005, the interest group held various educational and social programs that catered toward all types of audiences. These women worked hard together and strived to make a difference. Their efforts paid off in the spring semester of 2005, when the interest group was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award by the office of Student Activities at George Mason University.

In November 20, 2005, their hard work paid off and dreams came true, as this was the day that The Divine & Ever so Lovely Delta Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha was established at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. The eight founding sisters, Mari-Elaine Triolo, Jessica Aparicio, Diana F., Susan Caicedo, Brenda Quispe, Vanessa Mendez, Heather Breeden, Chela Clark along with special help from Jennifer Schambon (Beta Theta Chapter), Marian Enriquez (Beta Pi Chapter), Valerie Febres (Beta Kappa Chapter), Veronica Herrera (Beta Delta Chapter), and all of Maryland Area One enabled Lambda Theta Alpha to add to the diversity and prosperity of George Mason University.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc - George Mason University During its first year at George Mason University, Delta Epsilon Chapter was able to excel in academics and achieve the highest GPA among all Greek organizations on campus in Fall 2005 and Spring 2006.

A year later in November 12, 2006, Line One was born "La Fuerza Perseverante". Karen Villa, Angelique Mahdi, Cecilia Dominguez, and Pecola Parnell became sisters.

In April 22, 2007, Frances Grillo became a sister. She was the first and only solo of the chapter.

In April 19, 2008, Line Three was born "La Tormenta Inesperada". Valerie Maislin and Angie Bonilla became sisters.

In March 1, 2009, Line Four was born "Los Cuatro Elementos Celestiales" (The Four Heavenly Elements). Yina Aparicio (Air), Jennifer Polo-Sherk (Water), Katrina Kinsolving (Earth), and Carla Turcios (Fire) became sisters.

On November 8, 2009, Line Five was born "Las Estrellas Intocables". Carmen Garcia, Lizza Medina, Alma Fuentes, Michelle Neuenschwander, Angie Cano, and Julieta Heldenbrand became sisters.

On April 3, 2010, Line Six was born "Fortuna Sin Igual". Rocio de Jesus Hernandez, Janice Rojas, Katty Novillo, Alyssa Curry, and Gladys Abreu became sisters.

On March 20, 2011, Line Seven was born "High Fidelity". Christine Gonzales, Alana Rivera, Jessica Rubio, Noelia Vasquez, Veronica Ramos-Coreas, and Madeleine Ferrerosa became sisters.

Delta Epsilon Chapter will continue to flourish and enrich the lives of the community at George Mason University.

"It's not just about being Latin, It's about being a LADY."